Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This and That

While buying plants at Home Depot, I discovered a guy re-stocking paint chips. He was throwing away piles of beautiful paint chips. I asked if I could have them. "Sure, you can take every single one." Jackpot! I am so happy.

We have been enjoying the series Life on Discovery channel so much! The photography is absolutely breathtaking and I am continually awed by the interesting creatures and behaviors found in amazing places all over the world. There are several clips on the Discovery website. It's definitely worth viewing. But, I did instantly wonder how they shot this scene. Then at the end of the program they explained that it was partially reconstructed in a studio. Hmmmm, ok. Fascinating, but not exactly "real." How amazing is the sundew? And the dragon's blood tree. Stunning.


Yesterday was Claire's birthday! She is such a delight. I love this picture of her... sneaky, shy, curious, beautiful, funny, patient, dedicated.
Nature Part II!
We have baby birds on our patio! Here is a close up.
And here is a wide shot. They are in a nest on top of the speaker. Mama hasn't been sitting on the nest for awhile, but hanging around the yard. Maybe she is waiting for them to venture out on their own.


Gerrie said...

Maybe they are waiting for Lincoln to disappear.

Karen said...

Yes, he looks like he is waiting for something also!

She Who Doodles said...

wow, what a great find at home depot. those are the little treasures that are really exciting to run across.

Lizzie said...

Hi, I'm curious = what are you going to do with all those paint chips?