Sunday, May 02, 2010

Candy Metropolis

Thank you so much for all the enthusiastic comments on the last "kid quilt" I shared with you. Here is another...
The class titled it Candy Metropolis. An excellent title, I think. They came up with some wonderful ideas and executed them so well. Check out the banana split boat in the chocolate river, the sweet little cupcake and the gingerbread house.
The art teacher and I really encourage the kids to do their best work, cut careful nicely formed shapes and take their time. Sometimes they do.

When one student first presented this ice cream cone for fusing, I ask her if she wanted to add any more detail. She shrugged. I suggested she clean up the edges a bit and add another scoop of ice cream. She came back with a bit more excitement. Then I prompted again about additional detail. Maybe some lines on the cone, I asked. She went back to the pile of fabric and added the light brown x's. When it was really done, she was so pleased! It is such a delicate balance between telling them exactly what to do or giving them full creative control. Not to mention, with nearly 30 kids in each class, there is a huge variety of skills and interest levels. It's an amazing learning experience for all of us.


Kristin L said...

Are those s'mores on the side of the river? Yummmmmmmmmy!

Vicki W said...

These quilts are fabulous!