Thursday, April 01, 2010


I enjoy a cuppa every morning... even more in a beautiful mug. So, I splurged on Etsy last week.
Isn't that a fantastic mug?! You can see more pictures on the original listing. (There you can also see the inside "setting sun" and the tiny words at the bottom.) I love it! Check out D. Hergt's other ceramic creations in her shop.

I did not splurge on these amazing earrings from the Sundance catalog.

But I did make this necklace inspired by the earrings.
It came together pretty easily and I'm pleased. Simple but interesting, I think. It lays nicely and I think it's a good length. I purchased the turquoise beads for this project, but everything else came from my stash. I'm on a bit of a jewelry kick. Should I make some coordinating earrings, or would that be too matchy-matchy?


Kristin L said...

Love teh mug, and the necklace is very pretty too. I do think that you should make COORDINATING earrings -- with a bit of turquoise and a dangly something but not necessarily the same bird, or in loop form. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love the mug, especially the soft colors around the bottom edge. You did a great job with the necklace. Pretty, pretty. I think you need earrings, maybe if you make them asymmetrical you'll like them better since they won't quite match the necklace or each other.

Jules Rushing said...

Love the mug! It seems so "free spirit"!
The necklace is awesome! I want one, maybe we can have an art day together! I enjoyed our lunch and museum day!