Saturday, March 13, 2010

Such a Great Show!

There are two wonderful "special exhibits" at the Dallas Quilt Show this year. (Still going on RIGHT NOW... head on down to Market Hall today!) The Dallas Area Fiber Artists have an exhibit that shows the amazing talent and diversity of the group.
It includes garments, art quilts, weavings, artist books, felt sculptures and more. I'm honored to be included! I'll post images of the work I had in the show later this week.
The other special exhibit included sixty-five 12x12 inch quilts made by members of the Twisted Stitchers and their friends.
Here is a peek at just one corner of the exhibit where we grouped the four dog quilts together!
You can see my "blue, white and black" quilt from the last Twelve by Twelve reveal on the left. That's Sarah's pug right in the midde. Tonya made the dog next to the pug and Carol created the smiling lab. On the right edge you can see just a peek at Tonya's other dog. More pictures of them soon!

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Donna said...

It looks like a great show Deborah. I thought some of those quilts looked familiar and when i read your last paragraph I knew why! I read your blog, Sarah's blog, and the Twelve by Twelve blog regularly. I hope to make it to the show tomorrow.

Thanks for the post!