Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I had a great day spending time with creative friends yesterday. Really just so lovely and inspiring!

We were playing with Yupo paper. Apparently it's a plastic product and this creates interesting results with paint and ink.
Here is on of my pieces in progress.
Karen hosted us. Her home is full of beautiful plants and amazing art and other fabulous details.
We started with coffee and crumb cake muffins. (I think of Kathy every time I make them.)
(Quite a stretch for me... I am usually all about fabric and paint. You wouldn't think paper and ink would be a stretch, but they were.)

I also really enjoyed watching LOST last night.

There was a larger portion of my afternoon -- between my art outing and the end of the day watching LOST -- that was awful. But, I won't go into that.

Let's just say, I'm trying to keep standing tall.


Lucy said...

I love this picture of you, Deborah!!

Bee said...

Yupo paper looks very interesting! I'd like to know more. How wonderful to be able to spend time being creative with good friends.

Kristin L said...

I've never heard of Yupo paper. Looks interesting based on the patterns you've got going on. I wonder if you could monoprint onto fabric after making interesting images on the Yupo?

Sorry about your yucky afternoon. Good thing here's art mornings and LOST evenings to balance it all out. Hang in there. :-)

Leah said...

cool photo of your shadow!

Joanna said...

Hi Deborah, I noticed you were using Yupo. I experimented with Yupo and fabric a year or two ago. Try using tissue paper with the Yupo it absorbs the water colors. Also, remember to use a matt or gloss sealant spray after you are done:) It's fun material to play with.