Saturday, February 20, 2010

Diamond Head

Our first morning in Hawaii, we got up very early (because of the time change) and walked down to the beach. There was a beautiful crescent moon. You might be able to see it as a speck in this picture.

Oh, what a beautiful morning. (Now that tune will be in my head all day.)

Jeff insisted I put my coffee off to the side for this picture. But, trust me, I took a cup with me from the hotel. That's Diamond Head in the background.
Later in the week we hiked to the top of Diamond Head. It looks to immense in that picture, but actually, it was a pretty easy hike. We saw this guy there.
The trail took us through a deep dark tunnel...and up an old metal spiral staircase...

and several steps. (We saw one gentleman going up the stairs as we were going down. He said it was his fifth trip that morning. Yowza.)At the top overlooking the ocean...

and the city!
I think hiking is one of my favorite things to do while traveling. I love all the things I see --- people, interesting clothes, interesting animals, vistas, varied terrain and plants. And the things I hear -- snippets of conversation, wind, water, animals... the voice of my husband.


patty a. said...

Sounds like you and Jeff had a wonderful time! The scenery in your pictures is just beautiful! Now I want to go there! I have never been farther west than Chicago (I live in Ohio) - sad but true. I have to get out more!

Dcn Linda said...

What fun! Gar and I hiked up Diamond Head nearly 20 years ago!