Friday, January 22, 2010

Zine Swap

You remember I joined Alma's fabulous zine swap last fall? Here are all the treasures I received. There is something about zines... I just love the hand-made, self-published arty expression of these mini-books.

How to recognize and sketch a few native Australian birdies by Anne Nicholson
I love this size, style and design of this zine, especially the images of typed bird descriptions on yellow index cards. It feels like a library. (I love libraries!)

Multicolored Inspirations by Marilyn Butler
Wow, it was colorful and so full of great ideas. I especially loved the page with color translations into different languages.

Sew It Seams by Jeane Walker-Sliney
There is so much color and energy here! This zine is constructed of mostly fabric -- wonderful. I had never thought of using big colorful clips for binding and closures. Very clever.

Zine by Victoria
Victoria shares images and ideas about round-robin books in this zine. I love that explores lots of techniques in her art.

Z is for Zine by Sarah
Can you tell that the cover is made from fused plastic candy packaging?! So fun. I learned so much from this little zine including some great iPhone apps for artists. A CD of studio tunes was included too!
Angels on Fire by Stephanee
This zine is full of interesting prompts and questions for living a creative life. Lots of cool collages mix type, fashion, and funky glitz.

Manual Dexterity Zine by Lelainia Lloyd
I just love the cover of this zine. And can you see the packaging too? It's sealed with a stamp that says "subversive material." Aha! Recipes, ideas, music, Ikea shopping list, new ideas. So subversive.

Art Journals by Kara Klein
I got one of Kara's zines in the 2008 swap also. So very lucky. Her work is so thoughtful and dynamic. It's a great mix of photographs, tutorials, art and goodies!

Aging Artiste by Samantha Blythe
Well, my goodness... she lives in near-by Fort Worth! I hope our paths cross sometime soon. The picture above is from the inside of the zine -- an image of Anne Lamott. I adore Anne Lamott and this zine! Lots of thoughtful, creative soul searching is shared within.

Faerie Acres by Penney Klaproth
So many great ideas for creating mixed-media books! I especially love her technique for melting organza to create texture. How about sewing a page full of straight lines, then scanning and copying the page for journaling?

Here is the zine I created for the swap. It's called "Shape" and explores images, idea and art.
For the 2008 swap, I created a zine called Personal Symbols.
Both are available in my Etsy shop. Or, do you have a stash of zines you created? Let me know, I'd love to swap.

Are you inspired? Go create your own little zine. I'm already thinking about my next edition.


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

Glad you liked mine. I am planning on doing another some time after the Olympics and Paralympics. (My life is about to get crazy busy!)

I really enjoyed the zine swap!

Samantha said...

Hey! It's Aging Artiste ;-)

It's exciting that you live in Lewisville with me in Fort dad lives out there, too. Do you ever get out this way? I have e new email address...write me if you would like to come over for coffee sometime.

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Deborah,

All the zines were great.
I knew you would like Samantha's zine and hoped that you too could connect somehow since you are both in Texas.

This round of exchange was fun.