Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frayed Edges Book Pages

The Frayed Edges are doing another round of book pages for our round robin books. I finished these pages months ago and exchanged them when I visited Maine in October. But I'm just now getting around to posting them.

I used the same format and technique for all the pages -- fused background and improvisational hand embroidery. They were really fun to create and everyone was pleased with the results. I think you can click on all these pictures if you really must see the details.

Here is the front of Hannah's page. Her theme is motherhood.
I made the back sides less detailed. Just some solid fabrics with surface design in colors that coordinated with the front -- and a cute little flap......under which is hidden some cute little symbol.

Here is Sarah's page. Her theme is aphrodisiac foods. Who knew a carrot was an aphrodisiac? Not I. I was looking through her list of foods for something that had a strong color reference. Carrot = green and orange. Don't you think?

The back side is created with sequin waste, a jar and a lego.
And a peek under the flap.
Kate's theme is hearts. I included a word on most of the pages. Here we are reminded to "listen" to your heart.

On the back I found a perfect use for a bit of ribbon that said "explore."
A little house and four hearts for Kate's family.
Kathy's theme is the sea. I was almost evoking a sea scape with the blues for the water and the browns for the sand.

Again with the explore ribbon.
The Frayed Edges all love the house symbol. You just can't go wrong.
These little quilts (book pages) are very similar to the quilts from my article in the most recent issue of Art Quilting Studio. I blogged about them here. And I just posted a couple of them in my etsy shop.


dianen said...

I love these. My favorites are the "carrot" page and the motherhood page. Like you, I had never heard that carrots were considered an aphrodisiac although they did tell us they were good for our eyes back in the day. I'm glad you decided to share these with us even though you did them a while ago.

Kristin L said...

I was going to say I like the motherhood one best, but then I saw the carrot page which is just sooooooo CARROT. Oh, and the sea. yes. I love them all!

Fran├žoise said...

Yes, the carrot page is really fun.

Diana in DAFA said...

Love each and every page and the little flaps are so precious.