Wednesday, January 27, 2010

12x12 Stats

This week I have been working on my chapter for our 12x12 quilt with Lark Books. Each of the twelves will have one of her quilts as the focus of a chapter, one chapter for each of our original 12 themes. She will also write the chapter including thoughts about her inspiration and technique for that theme and any number of other ideas about the project that she wishes to share. It's going to be so interesting!As part of my writing process, I compiled these statistics about my 12 collection.

Hand embroidery: 10
Stamped Circles: 7
Sequin Waste as a stencil: 3
"Traditional binding" (meaning a separate piece of fabric somehow encasing the edge): 6
Words: 3
Free motion quilting: 9
My beloved landscape compositions: 3
My beloved shrine compositions: 2, maybe 3
Beads or other three dimensional embellishments: 6
Surprisingly least used color: purple
Surprisingly most used color: black
Use of sheer fabrics: 7
Paint: 11

We'll be revealing our "blue, white and a bit of black" quilts on March 1. Thankfully, that's a few weeks away.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the scientist in me - but I LOVE stats! This is so interesting...and it's neat to see that you discovered some surprises in your math! (Like you used less purple!) I think that blogs in general are a great tool for a look in the past, I'm always surprised to see what I was thinking about something a year ago!

momma helen said...

I'm really surprised to see only 3 of your 12X12s used words. I think of you as often using words in the background of your work.
I wonder if the smaller size make it less attractive to use words as background, or if you're just in a different place...