Saturday, August 01, 2009


Yesterday was very productive. I finished my 12x12 just in time to get it photographed before the sun went down for the reveal today! Passion was the theme. I chose a passion flower. It's called "Passion Flower Interpretation."
It was based on this amazing photo by my friend Connie.
Be sure to check out the 12x12 blog today for 11 other amazing quilts!

I also finished a 500+ page novel. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.
When we were on vacation, I finished another book and took it to the guest services office where they had a trade library. Leave the book you finished, take one you'd like to start. So great! I'd heard a bit about this book, so it jumped off the shelf and into my suitcase. (I didn't even realize it was one of Oprah's picks for her book club.) It was really excellent. I enjoyed the experience of reading it... and I cuddled up with Lincoln though many pages. Now I've downloaded Oprah's webcast discussion with the author to my iPhone and I'm looking forward to their insights.

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Tonya Littmann said...

You were right to add the extra flower shapes. The red thread patches don't show up as much in the photo at the flower outlines. Looks great!