Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Out and About in Antigua

We ventured out to Nelson's Dockyard on the one day that it wasn't too sunny. It was a good day for hiking and going to the museum.The kids had tons of fun exploring the beach, dock and the old fort.
We also had a great time connecting with some of the locals in St. John's.

We spotted some mancala boards in one of the shops and the owner explained that they use it for a local game called "warri." We watched these two gentlemen play, but they were going so fast it was hard to discern how the game is different from the version we play.

We also had excellent pizza at a local joint. They happened to be hosting a party for kids in the side alley. Claire and Benjamin enjoyed jumping rope, hula hooping, tug-of-war...
... and face painting.

After hiking at the Dockyard, we happened upon a fabulous restaurant called Johnny Coconuts.
It was a beautiful setting and a fabulous meal.
I asked the waiter if I could keep the fancy water bottle. He said, "yes!"

I had mango and ricotta salad.
And pineapple gazpacho.
Yum... I just might have to recreate that mango salad! Isn't it funny what kind of inspirations you can bring home from vacation?


Kristin L said...

I'm loving Claire's awesome Tiger face!

Leah said...

great photos - thanks for sharing. nothing like a little armchair travel!