Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Reading

I keep thinking I need to pick up a good book. I've been out of the habit for awhile. I've been reading lots of magazines lately. Many of them have been interesting and inspiring, but it's just not the same as a book. On a whim, I even bought the new issue of Oprah's magazine since the cover mentioned ideas for great summer reading. (Ahem. Ironic? Buying a magazine for info about reading a book?)

On the other hand, Claire is zooming through book after book. I think she's on her fourth since school's been out. (Only two and a half weeks.) Here she is reading The Mysterious Benedict Society.She loved that book! In fact, I'm reading it now and it's really good. There is tons of excellent young adult fiction out there. Claire also read the new 39 Clues -- a hot new series with each book written by a different famous kid's writer. Then she read Holes. It's very quiet downstairs, so I would guess she is plowing through the Benedict Society sequel.


Mary-Frances said...

How old is she? I love reading - it's neat to see kids love reading too! My daughter is 8 and we're always looking for new reading ideas! :)

Joanna Stein said...

The Hunger Games. SOOO GOOD. A little post-apocalyptic gem. It's also a trilogy so you can look forward the the next installemnt.

It is YA, but you should read it before Claire. It is pretty violent, in context, but violent.

momma helen said...

Hey, our family is reading the Mysterious Benedict Society right now for our bedtime story. I'm really enjoying it. I'm glad to hear there is a sequel.