Monday, June 29, 2009


It's been over 100 nearly every day of the past week or so. But, we've still managed to get out and about. Benjamin, one of his friends and I walked down by our neighborhood lake one day last week. We saw so many creatures.

It was so bright, I could hardly tell what kind of pictures I was getting with my iPhone.

Ducks and turtles.Red winged black bird and boys on the walkway in the background.

Lily pads and my reflection.One pink water lily. Most were yellow.
It was cooler today. I try not to complain about the weather. Really, it's just hot. What else is there to say? Here are my thoughts about weather from three summers ago.

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Joyce said...

Beautiful but I would hate that heat. We've been in the mid 80s and that's hot enough for me!