Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thank you for all your kind comments and excellent suggestions on my "identity" 12x12 piece.

I decided to try beads.Bleck. I really didn't like how they turned out.

So here I am cutting them all off (while listening to This American Life).
I seriously considered the suggestion of adding an eye to the hand. The "eye of fatima" is a common religious symbol and I like the concept. But, I ultimately decided there was already enough going on with the quilt.

Check back on Monday at the 12x12 blog for the final result.


Dale Anne said...

Oh Deborah, the beads are the PERFECT add on!
This is FABULOUS!!!

Joyce said...

I like the beads too but I guess they are all gone by now. I also like the Eye of Fatima idea. I'm now very curious to see what your final decision is.

Val said...

It wasn't the beads that were wrong but where they were placed. Perhaps used on the green leaf only as high-lights they would have made more of a statement less of an explosion!

Anonymous said...

I just had a thought, though I don't know if it goes with your identity or not. I "see" a seedling in the hand, in part because of your creativity!