Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catch Up

I processed entries to two art shows yesterday. It was boring and tedious, but I did it. I hope my work is accepted, but honestly... I know it could easily be rejected. That's ok. Since I was photographing a new quilt anyway, I decided to reshoot every single one of my Lent pieces. I am not absolutely confident that the pictures are much better, but I'm moving forward.

Gosh that first paragraph was full of negative energy, wasn't it? Enough of that.

As I was filling out paperwork, I realized I never posted this finished quilt from the Lent series. You saw it in progress, but never completed.

Here He Stayed
14x8 (#33)

A brief thought about LOST: Jacob is a fiber artist!


Sharon said...

Lost - Jacob IS a fiber artist! But will we ever know the meaning of his work? I was just a tad frustrated that we never had a full view of the weaving. But that is the way of Lost, isn't it?

Sarah Ann Smith said...

It's beautiful Deborah! And for you have a tripod? You can get a basic one that will do for shooting art quilts quite nicely for about $30, and it is SUCH a worthwhile investment! I use the timer (2 second) on mine so I can get totally still photos with no vibration from me pushing the shutter.... Anyway, good on you for doing the entries. I got a couple sent off last week, too,

Cheers, Sarah