Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zine Swap

Remember way back when . . . I participated in a zine swap?! I am finally sharing all the swappy goodness that arrived in my mail box. First: I love zines. There is just something about the words, the pictures, the hand made quality, the smallness, the treasures, the personal stories and the art that combine for a real connection between the creator and the reader.

Victoria created a zine about all kinds of hand made items. It's an exploration of trying new things and embracing creativity.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp put together a beautiful collection of poems and mixed media images of birds. Stunning in its elegant simplicity.

Kara Klein created this zine about Book Arts. Ahem... swoon! Full of texture and layers and art!

Kathleen Codyrachel created a zine exploring artistic masks all over the world. What a great subject.
This little accordion book zine was created by Becky New. She actually hand wrote each zine! Wow -- that's a lot when you are swapping TEN zines. I love it.
Here is a close up of Alma's masterpiece SoulCraft zine. It's packed! She still has some in her Etsy shop. It really is extraordinary! You should treat yourself.
Something Extra was created by Judy Merrill-Smith. (Check out the amazing Peace book she made, too.)
STITCH the zine came in a sweet little fabric folder. Fab! It was created by Robin Olson Mayberry and tells the story of stitching through the generations.
Marti McClure's zine is full of so many excellent creative exercises. She really did inspire me to explore "Curiosities."
Amber Dawn Goldish created Hours. The main focus of the zine is doodling and artists who doodle. I did a fabric swap about eight years ago and I think Amber got a bit of the fabric I created, so it's fun to reconnect with her.
Here is the zine I sent off for the swap. It's an exploration of the symbols I use in my art and a little bag of symbolic treasures.I finally did a reprint and I'm thrilled to have them back in my Etsy shop.
Alma is hosting another zine swap for 2009! I don't think I can resist joining in.


Kristin L said...

Cool swap! All those zines will be sure to keep you reading and looking for hours. :-)

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Deborah,

Thanks so much.
I loved the zines created.
I look forward to seeing more zines from you.


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

You are one of my all time favorite "secret sister" swappers!
I *STILL* have and enjoy many of the awesome treasures that you sent me several years ago. Including a nice big piece of your hand dyed fabric!
What fun it was to get one of your zines.

If you visit my blog- there is a fabric charm made with some of the fabric you sent me.
It was rainbow hand dyed batik with stars.
*I love it so much!*

Thank you again!