Friday, April 24, 2009

More Ink!

More fiber jewelry! Here's a new book of jewelry made exclusively from fabric! So very very cool. It's called Stitched Jewels: Jewelry That's Sewn, Stuffed, Gathered and Frayed. (Love that sub title!)

It includes 25 amazing projects including one designed by me!
I blogged about this necklace and the experience of having a proposal accepted more than a year ago. And now here it is! You really must check it out. I think the book could really inspire a lot of art quilters to think about how to transfer their techniques and style to other formats.


Joyce said...

Congratulations! Maybe that's another book I'll have to buy. Sigh.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

WOOOHOO! Hooray for you! I'll look for the book next time I'm up in Augusta at Barnes and Noble. Hmm...maybe I just need to GO there!
Cheers, Sarah