Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well, it's cold and windy as it has been for at least four of the last six weekends. Not so great for soccer game viewing. Sigh.

It would be a good day to stay home in the studio.

I had lots of good productive time over the past two days.

Not One of Them
4.5 x 6" (#27)

And my largest piece of the Lenten project thus far...
Come To Me
35 x 6.5" (#26)

Here is a detail shot. I pieced again! And did some more "let the fabric tell you where it wants to be."
I also finally started on my "windows" quilt for 12x12. I took some pictures of the windows of our house for inspiration.But then I went in an entirely different direction.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Beautiful Jewels, each and every one of them. Not long to go now.

Your windows are so unusual! Great height and love the mixture of brick with the stone on your home.

Lauri said...

"Come to Me" looks very 'Lentenish'. Not sure first makes me think of the cross/crucifixtion, yet it's not a cross. Something about the colors, also. It's beautiful.