Monday, March 02, 2009


Here is Saturday's daily art.
Idle Words
10 x 6"

I added some paint on top of the free motion quilting swirls. I think it brought out some interesting dimension, but would have been more effective if I had used a paint color with more contrast to that background piece. I masked the rectangle with freezer paper.

And here is today's piece. I spent more time than I had planned and now I barely have time to bake, cool and frost the cupcakes that Benjamin will bring to his soccer practice to celebrate his birthday.

14.5 x 10"

I don't think I have ever used a human figure in my artwork.

I've got bits of fabric here and there that I've been treating with too much preciousness. Is that a word? Time to use it.


Anonymous said...

I really love these two. Especially "invited" because it is so different. Love this daily project and happy you are sharing.
love, mom

Kristin L said...

"Invited" is making me hungry. Yesterday's is inspiring me to paint on my quilted texture for our 12x12 challenge.

Anonymous said...

Deborah, the first thought I had when I saw Invited was that I've never seen a person in your art. This one is magnificent! I really like it!

Anonymous said...

OH, that was from LUCY! :)

Jeri is said...

When I first saw invited, my first thought was that I saw an angel making cupcakes! I think that would be you, Deborah! A self-portrait without knowing it!

Karoda said...

Hi Deborah, I love what you are doing with these daily pieces. Invited has a complex design to me but not busy...something I struggle to do in my own work. If you go pop over to my last blog entry you'll see also why the composition Idle Words resonates with me.

Unknown said...

If by preciousness, you mean an unwillingness to "part with" your beauties, I know the sentiment. I struggle with that and must constantly remind myself that using a piece means other will see and appreciate and also take joy in the beauties. Still, I always keep little scraps of the fabrics I love the most. Keep shaving off bits to use and give away. "Must keep this little bit for myself". It's visceral how much I love the colors and patterns in my life!

P.S. I got one of your mushrooms in the swap and I ADORE it. I'll be posting soon on my blog, once I find the missing camera cord! Thanks so much for your lovely piece, and thoughtful words.
Sara in Salt Lake