Thursday, March 12, 2009

Carry On

This is yesterday's daily piece.

Spacious Place
13 x 8.5" (#13)

I gave myself a bit more time. I felt a bit unsatisfied with the work from the past few days, so yesterday I tried to dig a bit deeper. I also switched up the schedule a bit. Most of my "meditations" are done in the morning. I am fresh and motivated, but sometimes I end up working so long that I am not left with enough time to accomplish the other things that need to happen that day. So yesterday I didn't begin work until 8 pm ish. I did a bit of hand sewing while watching the Daily Show at 10 pm ish and left the binding and beading for today.

I really enjoyed the process on this one. Lots of meaty inspiration. I love that stone section. It's very much like the element in Construction: Concrete and Stone that is currently touring with the Tactile Architecture exhibit.
Here is today's small piece.

Roots by the River
9 x 5.5" (#14)

Those roots are certainly somewhat inspired by Kristen's village series. I think I could use some additional surface design or embellishment in that bottom section. I'm not sure if I will return to some of these pieces and add more to them... or just let them stand alone.

Honestly. I am very pleased with this discipline so far. But, I'm tiring.


Kristin L said...

Cool background fabric on Spacious Place. I like how the colors and even the shapes are pretty much the same, but the scale changes -- large, medium, and small dots, a variety of rectangles. Roots by the River is sort of the opposite -- ultra simple and that's cool too. have you seen Lizzy House's fabrics? She does super simple very well with lots of character in her shapes.

Unknown said...

This one's my favorite thus far! Of course I am partial to Kristin's work. Still, you've made the motif your own by your use of a tree and different elements. I've always loved thinking about what goes on "under" the soil... do the roots move when a tree bends in the wind?

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

There's no reason you can't take a break and come back to them later if you want to.
You're the boss and you can change the job discription any time you want!

kathy said...

These are amazing! And I admire your discipline, not only to MAKE the art but to take pics and post them! Don't get tired, I want to see more.

Anonymous said...

hi Deborah i hope that you have a good day and i like all these quilts that you have been making lately
:) emily

Unknown said...

Hi Deborah, I really love the simple beauty of "Roots. Please let me know if you put it up on your Etsy shop! ALoha, Dianna

Cindy Ericsson said...

I can see how doing this every day would be tiring, since you're really going for the finished piece each time, not just a sketch or a beginning exercise. I'm impressed by how many days you've worked at this level!