Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Illumination Pictures

Here is another of my illuminated art quilts series. This was not published in the article in Quilting Arts. There are some elements that I really like.
It's called "Attitude." On the top, there is a foiled letter B which starts the words "Blue Skies..."
...and near the bottom it says, "as far as the eye can see."
I like this combo of cheese cloth, raw silk bits and the Asian bead. I really like that antique hankie near the top too.

As I created this series, I was thinking about what constitutes "sacred text" in my life. I really think a positive attitude and thoughtful intention are essential. It's not easy to hold onto that idea in every moment, but I am hoping that as I examine the path before me *as far as the eye can see* I embrace the layers of life with enthusiasm.

I sure wish I would have ironed that black fabric before I took that full shot. Jeez.


Fran├žoise said...

Lovely quilt!
I received the magazine today, and I read your article at once. Well done.

Kristin L said...

Thanks for sharing this series. It's lovely. You've done a marvelous job of personalizing a broad subject.

Anonymous said...

Very nice quilt! I received my magazine a little while ago and am about to go curl up with it. I am really looking forward to reading your article.
Have a great day!

Carmen Rose said...

Your work is really beautiful!

Julie Bagamary said...

This piece is beautiful and gives hope for Spring.

Anonymous said...

I saw your article in Quilting Arts and found your blog through that. The article was well written and so inspiring. I have been in such a rut and have felt like doing nothing but your article and the beautiful things you've created inspired me to get my things out and begin work anew. Thank you for a great article and some very beautiful art. I can't wait to see what you are doing next.

jenclair said...

Love this piece!