Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It seems like I haven't posted very many pictures of the kids lately. So here is just a bit of sugar for the grandmas and grandpas and other family and friends!

Benjamin's soccer team won the championship this fall! The win was made even sweeter since we played against a team that beat us twice in the regular season. The boys played great... plus they have a fantastic coach.


We had a fun outing to Starbuck's to welcome the return of the red cup! Starbucks even has a kids hot chocolate on their menu and it only costs $1... which, compared to the other prices, is a bargain!


We had a quiet Thanksgiving, just the four of us. Grandma M and Grandpa T spent the holiday in the hospital, but we are so thankful that they are all good now. (Hey, that's the apron Sarah gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago!)


Claire is singing in her school's Honor Choir. Someone must have told her how to sit like a lady. So proper.


Claire and Benjamin tested for their senior orange belts in Tae Kwon Do. They did great. It's a really good activity for our family. We're enjoying it.


Don't forget the furry kid! Doesn't it look like he is smiling?


Of course we did gingerbread houses again. Wow... shingles!


How many candies went on the house and how many candies went in the mouth?


In fact, I'm off to spend the day at the mall with Claire and other Honor Choir kids. They have a concert at 11:30 and get to spend several hours before and after just hanging out and shopping. I guess that's fun. But I'm not so excited about a field trip promoting commercialism and spending. Arg. Off my soap box. I asked her what she was excited about and she said she really just likes the singing. "It's so joyful." Well, I guess I shouldn't really worry.

Hope you have a joyful day.


Gerrie said...

Lincoln reminded me of Marley. the previews of the movie look like a fun time if you love yellow labs!!

Congrats to the kiddos for their accomplishments. They are growing up before my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Well, what can I say...I love love love the pictures of Claire and Benjamin! Of course they are the most beautiful and brightest kids in the universe!

Love, Grandma Kathy

.kp. said...

Wow! They look so big Deborah!

Claire's hair is so long and handsome.

Beautiful family.