Monday, October 06, 2008

Linky Goodness

We had a super fun family outing to the Cottonwood Arts Festival yesterday. I forgot my camera, but I'll share the websites of some of the amazing artists we discovered.

Todd Van Duren Love these ceramic houses, especially the ones with stamped images of letters and numbers.

Elizabeth Smathers amazing basketry. I love the pieces with the woven walnut slices.

Donal McKinney does some fabulous environmental art.

You know I fell in love with Rone Prinz's chair series.

I also really liked Jennifer Cavan's landscapes.

Jeff and I got wonderfully impulsive and bought a kinetic sculpture for our backyard from Andrew Carson. So exciting! (Not too many pictures on his website since he likes people to see his work in person. But you can get an idea here.)

It was quite inspiring... so why I am sitting here at the computer instead of creating in the studio?


Kristin L said...

Oh that IS linky goodness! I really enjoyed looking at the artists' websites. Those walnuts are gorgeous. I have really been enjoying our kinetic sculpture in our garden (by a different artist). I wish you many years of enjoyment from yours!

Anonymous said...

I loved the links - inspiring! I can see why you were drawn to the landscapes as they remind me of some of your work.

I can't wait to see the sculpture! It looks so joyous and can't help to bring smiles to all who peek over the fence!
Love, mom

Anonymous said...

I love yard art and inquiring minds want to know if you are you going to post a pic of your sculpture. I'd love to see it!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Andrew's work! I've been wanting to buy one of his sculptures for my little yard for several years. Good for you!