Friday, August 22, 2008

Studio Peek

A few artist friends are coming over on Tuesday, so of course, I had to clean the studio. I've been wanting to make better use of the high ceilings, so I finally bought some taller shelves and it feels like a huge improvement.

Ah, organized. That's my wonderful spirit doll from Kathy on the top of the shelf and one of Sonji's bundles hanging on the wall.

Another set of the same shelves (from Ikea) on the other side of the room.

Raggedy Ann made by my grandmother on the top shelf next to a big broken bowl. I keep thinking that I should make a mosaic out of it. Or at least glue it back together. On the side of the shelf are three small prints I just got from etsy. It's the Comfy Chair series by J. Mullin.

This area hasn't changed much. But, I love seeing the 12x12 series develop. On the left is a cross stitch by my great grandmother done to commemorate my birth.
It won't be long before it's all messy again. In a good way, of course.


KatyK said...

Hi there:

Tried sending you e-mails a couple of times, but they came back as "undeliverable"

So.. not sure how to get the pkg which is ready and waiting, to you.
Is it safe to send you a phone no on this blog?


Kristin L said...

I'm jealous! Wanna come over and clean up my studio? I'll make you fruity drinks....

And for the first time since IKEA opened in the US I do not live within an hour of one. I'm getting all twitchy with withdrawal. ;-)

Pam said...

your studio looks great! PP