Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Gerrie mentioned on her blog that she walked a labyrinth recently. So did we!

We found a wonderful labyrinth at the Episcopal Church in Jackson Hole, WY on our summer road trip.
The kids loved racing to the middle and out again. That's not the traditional way to "walk" a labyrinth, but... you know, they're kids! And sometimes it's good to pray fast and furious.

Labyrinths have become very popular lately, particularly in Episcopal Churches. They are wonderful tools for prayer and meditation. Though they look like a maze, there are no dead ends, simply winding path that leads to the center and out again.

It was a lovely church. The labyrinth was right in the middle of the church yard, just steps from the main drag in Jackson Hole. I bet lots of people are drawn in.
While I'm posting pictures inspired by what others have posted on their blogs, I have this to share with you.

It reminds me of this picture on Sonji's blog of two people acting silly at a gallery. I guess art show openings and cameras make people act silly. I'm not sure who the silly bearded guy is, but I like him. The laughing gal is Lynn Cox, president of the Visual Arts Society of Texas.

The picture is from the VAST 125-Mile Show. That's my quilt, Home Grown, over Lynne's shoulder.

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Deanna said...

That bearded guy is Jo Williams' husband, Johnny. And yes, he can be pretty silly.