Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Again

Ok, really. I think I'm done traveling now. The kids and I were in western New York visiting my parents last week. I didn't take too many pictures, but check these out...

I loved the Lockport Caves tour along the Erie Canal. Last year we did the canal tour, so this year it was really fun to see what is behind all those run down stone structures.

Kinda freaky.


"No really, Claire. YOU go first."


That door is actually an old water tunnel used in a factory in the 1850s. This tunnel was blasted out by hand by men who made about 12 cents a day. It really is amazing to think how much our lives have changed in only 150 years.

It's not a natural cave, but it has some real cave formations. Speaking of caves, we've recovered the pictures from our road trip and I'll be able to show you some pictures from our visit to Wind Cave later in the week.

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