Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Design Wall

I've made lots of progress since this I took this photo. It's interesting to look back on it.


Clockwise from the top left: That's a print-out of an image of a necklace I made to submit to Belle Armoire Jewelry. They liked it and asked me to make two more to go with it. I couldn't remember what it looked like, so I had to print this out for inspiration for the other two. I'm happy to say that you'll be able to see this piece in the Winter 2008 issue.

Thin strip of purple: no idea what that is.

Gold and black: that's the background for my illumination piece. Only three days until the reveal! Don't miss it here!

Small bluish square: that's a stack of various stuff including a snippet of some handpainted fabric from Kathy, felt and a bit of tulle. It might be made into a small brooch someday.

Lone blue strip: ummm, just random.

Purple and blue printed image: that's my long suffering landscape. I've printed out lots of images and made sketches for potential free-motion-quilting designs and hand embroidery. (Check the late March/early April 2007 archives for more about this piece.)

Green and yellow: it's a 4x6 cut out from a reject 12x12 piece from our community challenge. It has potential as a very small, spare work. Someday.

Stack of blue stuff including old jeans: those were auditioned for another piece that is in-the-works that I am not supposed to tell you about.

Large blue/green piece with stamped circles: same secret piece.

In the middle of the design board: two stacks of paper with scripture and images of illuminated bible pages from the St. John's Bible used as inspiration for the illumination piece and the secret piece. (Oops. I've said too much.)

Small stack of canvas squares: I considered making these into a tiny book. But they are still tacked in the same spot.

What's on your design wall?


Gerrie said...

You need a larger design wall!! Can't wait to see your illuminated piece and all the others. I am making progress today.

Karoda said...

Mine is kinda almost bare at the moment...I have some get-around-to-it fabrics pinned on the left side and some chained piece squares, computer printed words and numbers and a piece quilted with silk paper as the base on the right and in the center is small piece that needs a binding.