Friday, June 27, 2008

Wide Open Spaces


We've just returned from an amazing family road trip. It really was fantastic. Even better than I had hoped. Actually, I was apprehensive about some of it before we left. I shouldn't have been. Some of my worries did come to pass, but we got past them easily. I think when you keep "wide open spaces" in your heart and in your mind, it's possible to get past the bumps.

I am so thankful for my wonderful family. They are such fun people.

This wide open space is in Montana. I took it while horse back riding outside of Yellowstone National Park.


Anonymous said...

A classic Deb colour combo of green and purple - how surprising!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Boschert Family. I virtually missed you. Any Letterboxes in the big wide open?

Karoda said...

welcome home...such beautiful scenery...helps clear the spirit, eh?

Pam said...

beautiful - i find wide open spaces good for the spirit.. Welcome Home - PP

Gerrie said...

Yee ha, cowgirl! I love big sky country,