Thursday, May 29, 2008

Texas Museum of Fiber Arts

The kids and I had a fantastic trip to Austin over Memorial Day Weekend. My quilt, Construction: Concrete and Stone, was a part of "Deep in the Art of Texas" a fiber art exhibit at the capitol building sponsored by the Texas Museum of Fiber Arts. That was the main reason we went, but the weekend was full of other delights including lots of fun times with my college friend, Andrea, and her family.

Apparently the Texas state capitol building is larger than the capitol building in Washington, D.C. Hmmm.

100_4370 100_4371

It was a wonderful exhibit. Tons of variety. Artists from all over the state. An inspiring collection! (This is the same quilt that was juried into Tactile Architecture. Yeah!)


While I looked at the art, the kids played hide and seek in an outdoor rotunda.


They did come in to see my quilt. Can you see how hot and sweaty they look?


We cooled off and enjoyed playing with all kinds of fibers at a table set up for kids (and grown ups too).100_4393

I hope lots of people found their way through the maze that is the capitol to see the art. It was in this long hallway.


The coordinators actually had to take the show down at the end of the day and put it back up in the morning for the three days of the show. Carol Ikard, the museum director did an excellent job!

I loved Ruthie Powers' piece of complex cloth called Dancing Around the Circle.


I also adored Linda Lewis' piece called Contestant.

100_4386 100_4387

I would love to hear about how she created those letters and the sheer quality of the piece.

Here is Ivy Jensen's piece called Santa Fe Sunset. It's luminous!


Here is my friend Linda Thiemann and Barbara Lugge. Linda's created the orange piece on the right, River of Life. It's a masterpiece of three dimensional felting and beading.


I missed taking a picture of Barbara's stunning embroidery, but you can see it on her website, here.

I wish I would have taken more pictures... there were lots of pieces that were really wonderful.

I was intrigued by this piece by Karen Smith, Peggy Sexton and Cathy Neiman. It's called Twist and Turn. The card says "Surface design. Dying techniques applied to paper, exhibited by twisted and turned wire with cartoons drawn of paper."


I believe you could call this an artists book! (See my previous post for my newest obsession.) I wasn't sure if I could touch it or not... so I can't tell you anything about those cartoons, but I was examined it closely from every angle.

We ended the weekend with a stop at Dairy Queen on the drive back home. Really, can you beat a Snickers Blizzard? Yum.


Anonymous said...

Oh my my, all these works are truly awesome. Barbara's Bob Marley stitched work gave me goose pimples. Just incredible work. You are all to be highly commended. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah! Yes...congratulations! It is very exciting to witness your spreading fame and accomplishments! BUT, I must say that an M&M/Heath Blizzard is the best. :) Lucy

Kim Carney said...

Deborah, that is fantastic. I wish I could have seen it in person!