Sunday, May 11, 2008


As usual, every Spring I get itchy to make clothes. Sometimes I am able to resist the urge. Sometimes not. Last spring I made a cute simple skirt out of some fabulous fabric. We won't talk about the times I've cut into a pattern and ended in complete failure.

I really wanted some new blouses this year. Something unique and flattering. Nothing which could possibly construed as maternity -- which is so "in" right now. Ug. I shopped a bit at Anthropologie and found lots of really arty pieces and I even considered the spendy prices, but nothing was just right.

I skimmed the pattern books at Joann's when McCalls were on sale for 99 cents and picked out this one.


I knew I wanted try a patchwork look by mixing some fabrics. I found several lines I liked on ReproDepot and settled on this line called ZaZa! So here is the finished blouse.


My mom helped me with every step along the way. She and my dad were visiting last week. We did lots of fun stuff including getting this shirt made. I don't like to follow a pattern, so it was very helpful for her to keep me on task. Thanks Mom.

We played with the sleeves a bit. The pattern has a sleeveless option and another option with 3/4 length sleeves. I didn't like either. But I did like this shirt I found online at Nordstroms.


It was easy enough to replicate that cute cap sleeve. I think I like the neckline better in the Nordstrom blouse. The band on my blouse actually sits up on my neck. Very Asian. I like the deeper V in the white blouse. But plain white? How boring!

I'm not sure if Benjamin liked the blouse or not. But he wanted to join in the photo shoot.



Kristin L said...

I think it's really cute and I love the way you've mixed up the fabrics with out having it look too loud or hippy.

Jen said...

Great job, looks really cute on you. I love your fabric choices, much more fun than plain white. Jen

Amy said...

It's very cute, Deborah. I love the colors and the mix of prints. Very nice!

Fran├žoise said...

It's a lovely blouse! I like it a lot.