Monday, April 07, 2008

I'd Rather Be in the Studio

... except, I'm not even there right now. I'm here in *blogworld.* (And I'm spending more time reading all of YOURS than I am posting on MINE.)

I went to a nice book-signing event last weekend. Alyson Stanfield was signing and talking about her new book, "I'd Rather Be in the Studio." Alyson has really made a name for herself in the field of artists' self-promotion.

Here is Alyson signing a book for my friend Connie.I bought a copy of the book and I will continue to put her suggestions into action as I grow into more opportunities as an artist.

The event was at Deanna Wood's studio. What a perfect setting! A real artist's real studio. Complete with paint splattered floor. Deanna Wood is speaking at our next Dallas Area Fiber Artists meeting. Her program will be on artists books. I loved looking at her work on the walls of her studio. These are from her "waxy buildup" series.

In fact, as I was listening to the discussion about promoting our own work, I thought to myself, "I don't even have my own work hanging on the walls in my own studio." Duh. I don't have visitors in my studio very often, but still!

So, since then I've hung some work! Better than sitting a pile in the closet.

You saw the Construction quilt in the previous post, but I added the Twelvex12 pieces too. (I didn't have to stand a chair to hang them. Phew!)


Kristin L said...

What a fun opportunity. I've listened to/read a couple of interviews with Ms Stanfield related to the book and really enjoyed them. I'm not in a position to want to promote myself too much right now, but i can see how her book could be a treasure trove dow the line.

Anonymous said...

Deborah--this is great! Thanks so much. I'd love your permission to use this photo of me signing books. I don't have anything like it and it's a good picture with good lighting. Complete credit and link to you, of course! Let me know.

Kristin--please call me Alyson. :)

kathy said...

forget the paint on the floor...I thought you were trying to point out Alyson's very cute shoes :)