Monday, April 28, 2008

Claire's Birthday

We had a super fun birthday party for Claire this weekend. It was A LOT of work, but well worth it. Claire is NINE! What a fun age. She had a really good time.

Claire originally wanted to have a Nancy Drew party where she and her friends could solve some mystery. Great idea! Not easy to plan.

I started searching the internet and discovered lots of mystery type parties for kids. I chose one and paid for the pdf download. It was a zoo themed party. (Claire loves animals!) The basic idea is that "Garry Gator" has kidnapped five animals from the zoo and hid them in the cages of five other animals. The kids had three rounds of clues about the animals and had to figure out what animals were kidnapped and with which animals they were hidden.

The girls started by decorating clip boards with stickers. They used these clip boards throughout the party to makes notes about the mystery.

They also played "What Animal Am I?" Zoo Director Jeff put a sticker on each girl's back (plus Benjamin). On the sticker was the name of an animal. They had to go around looking at each other's backs and asking "yes or no" questions about their animal. It was tricky, but they all figured out the animals.
We had sandwiches, mac and cheese and fresh fruit for dinner. Claire said the dinner was her favorite part of the party.
She liked just sitting all together and giggling and putting raspberries on the tips of her fingers!
Look at all the notes Claire made with her tiger-striped pen.After the girls solved the mystery, Garry Gator hid one last surprise!
Can you guess what was under the alligator box?
Cake, of course!
Claire knew exactly what kind of a cake she wanted. She gathered some of her plastic toy animals and drew a diagram. We took the animals and the drawing to Baskin Robbins and ordered an ice cream cake. Emily, the cake decorator, did an amazing job following Claire's instructions. She was thrilled. And it was delicious!

Mmmmmm. Tasty!

Claire is such a delight. She has lovely friends and they all have their own personalities. I hope we can help Claire spend her *ninth* year growing more and more into her own wonderful personality.


Kristin L said...

My kids have Fall birthdays -- wanna be my party planner? Or maybe I should ask Claire?!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Claire! Becky had a mystery party for her ninth birthday also. We did an American Girl Mystery - so fun! Nine really is such a fantastic age.

Terry Grant said...

Happy Birthday to Claire! I love that you find her such a joy. She looks like the perfect, well-loved, sweet and happy child. A credit to her parents!