Wednesday, April 16, 2008

12x12 in progress

I don't think I ever shared my failed 12x12 attempt. Remember, we were working on "community?" The quilts were revealed on April 1. I was thinking about city blocks, and layers and asymmetry. I had this laid out on my small ironing surface.Um. Bleck. The background looked citrusy. Is that a word? You know, like lemons and limes. And then the square pieces tried to pull it into an earth tone range. And they failed. And yet, I kept going.

I did some free motion quilting -- grass-like lines along the top. Not bad, I suppose.
And then I did a bunch of embroidery. I was thinking about the concept of connected vs disconnected. I connected some squares with various stitches and isolated others. I shared it with some friends. They all said they liked it. I still didn't. The deadline was looming. As I look at this photo above, the things I find most interesting are the orange scissors and the orange paint chip peeking out from under the quilt. That certainly says something, doesn't it?

Claire drew some suggestions for me.Finally, I started over. I went back to my favorite color palette and a safer symmetrical layout.It still wasn't really working for me, but after I stamped some big circle across the whole piece, it seemed to gain some depth. Quilting the circle lines also helped. I had the idea of using embellishments from the very beginning. I don't know why I didn't explore that from the start.

I think they are simple and yet dramatic. And they beg to be touched. Speaking of community, I've got to go chaparone the kindergarten lunch. This involves opening milk cartons and ketchup packets, reminding the kids to keep their hands to themselves and lots of smiles. I am always happy to see all those small people, even the pesky ones.


dee said...

Hi Deborah, I'm in with your friends that liked the green. I really like it a lot. It may be a departure but it's an interesting one.
I loved those days at school with the kids. Did it in nursery school and grade as well. When I see those kids grown up and some married now,(a couple with a kid eeeekk) it really makes me feel like Grandma Moses.

Kristin L said...

Thanks for sharing your process. I think it's reassuring to many to see that it's OK to ditch an idea and try something else. I'm glad you kept going until your connections became the embellishments -- they're they best part of the quilt, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

OMG... if you don't want that first attempt, SEND IT TO ME! Better yet, keep going.... just add orange! I agree... the orange gives it zip.

I wasn't wild about the placement of the "9-patches" of squares in the top photo.... particularly, that the larger set didn't quite overlap the splice line on the background enough. But I really like the small squares.... what it is? A sheer mesh/ fabric of some sort?

What about using some orange (or several) in the top and to the right... maybe a wave shape (or several)?

Or take some of those small 9 patch squares, and dance / drop them down from top-right corner across the grass, but not all the way down the right side. And make one of them orange?

Seriously... do NOT toss this one. If you don't want it, I'll finish it and send it back!

Hugs, Sarah

Nikki said...

Something tells me the biggest turn off was the color palette. Thanks for sharing.