Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Dallas Quilt Show

Hey... more quilts!

Here is my quilt, Home Grown. I really like this quilt. It was a wonderful exploration of a variety of techniques.I'm not sure I love the fact that the sheet with all the info about me and the quilt covers so much of the quilt. But, it's ok. Really, the Dallas Quilt Show is quite an impressive event. It's all run by volunteers and it seems to be the cliched "well-oiled machine."

This quilt by Liz Joe was just fascinating.
Can you even believe all those circles? How did she cut them all? How did she plan the layout? How did she keep track of all the circles as it was being sewn?This is Lu's lovely ensemble. I should have taken a close-up of the lovely three dimensional embellishments. It's got so much character.
And here is Sara's award winning dynamic quilt!
I just love this bird quilt by Dana Bracken. Such simple construction with such a great impact.
These two quilt are by Ginny Eckley.
They are very similar in color and theme. I think I prefer the close-up version.

And here is my Encrusted Cobblestones II sandwiched between Carol Morrissey's lily and Barbara Hartman's beautiful cellular work. It's an honor to be in the company of their quilts...

and I'm lucky to enjoy their personal company also!

This is an amazing self-portrait by Mona Lagan. It is a really effective combination of a variety of techniques and textures.

My friend Beth made this quilt. I just love the framed house on the bottom. Perfectly clever for a construction quilt.

Another amazing piece by Barbara Hartman.

Oh, I love a feathered star. Pat McCarroll made this one.Barbara Hartman strikes again! This is her version of a Dresden Plate.

I've been to several quilt shows in which Nancy Prince has shown her work. It's always very popular.

This is the raffle quilt made by the Austin Area Quilt guild. It's fantastic!

I just discovered that the Austin Area Quilt Guild is having Pamela Allen for a workshop at the end of May.

And here is the best of show. It's called Nebraska's Rising Sun by Sandi McMillian and Laura Franchin .

It's beautiful. I think lots of people were thrilled to see a very traditional quilt win the big prize.

Still more quilts. The show chair picks a special category every year. This year, the chair chose "two color quilts." He was very strict about two-colors... only two, no tints or shades. I think it's a really interesting challenge. Here are three.

The grapes are by Ginger Georgius. Tonya Littman's quilt is called Attach of the Ragweed. Judy Kriehn's quilt is called "Living Velveeta Loca." Get it?! Velveeta, the cheese, that super yellowy-orangey color. Great quilts.

Here is Richard Larson's two color quilt. Even though I am firmly rooted in the art quilt world, I do love the Baltimore Album style.

It was a great show. This is the third year I've attended. In 2006, the show was just a couple of weeks after we arrived in TX. We were living in an apartment while our house was being built. That was also the year of the big quilt show flood. Last year, the long skinny quilts were a big success. I think I can say that I am most pleased with the quilts I had in the show this year. I feel like I'm continuing to develop my own personal style, and even more importantly, just continuing to make stuff. Going from start to finish on any piece of art is not easy. There are so many places to get stuck. I'm also thrilled to feel like I know lots of people and enjoy seeing smiling familiar faces at the show. I'm grateful. That's good stuff to have occurred in the past two years.


Stephanie Pettengell said...

Thanks, I really enjoyed you taking me around the show quilts. I also enjoyed your choices of quilts to share, especially your own. Brilliant show.

Kristin L said...

Thanks for sharing all those quilts. I love the variety. The black and white Baltimore Album is very cool. The ribbons with the info though -- not so much. I hope that next year they hand them all next to the quilts and not on them.

antique quilter said...

thanks so much for sharing the pictures of the quilts in the show.
Wow what a wonderful assortment of work.
I love the quilt that won.
I wish I could click on it to enlarge it like so many of your other pictures.
The dresden plate quilt is amazing.
what a wonderful twist on an old block...
I too am wondering how did she ever keep track of those circles.
amazing quilts.
thanks so much

Vicki W said...

Thanks for sharing all of the terrific photos! I agree though, all of that crap pinned to the quilt really detracts.

Amy Munson said...

I love the variety of quilts one sees at a show. Such creativity everywhere.

Gerrie said...

Yikes!! Foiled again. I am working on birds on a wire for the community quilt!!

Thanks for sharing these, but I wish I had not seen the birds.

Kim said...

Greetings from South Dakota! I, too, was at the show on Friday. I think I actually saw you in the commons area and ALMOST came up and said Hi..I read your blog! LOL But I didn't. Didn't want to freak you out! ha! But the show was awesome! I always have a great time! The Best of Show quilt was AWESOME! And I am such a HUGE fan of Barbara Hartman's work too! Small world!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the photos you took. It's great to see shows from other countries.

Melly Testa said...

I like your quilt too! way to go.