Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bits and Pieces

The studio was a big mess last week. Arg. It makes me tense just to see a picture of it.
I can't even really tell you how many "projects" are scattered about here. Stuffed animals who need stitches make their way to the studio quite regularly. Sometimes they get stuck here for a long time.

I cleaned off the table last week, but before I put away all the pre-fused fabrics that I used for Construction: Concrete and Stone, I thought I'd make some small pieces inspired by the same designs, shapes and colors.

I made four pieces that are 4x6" and two small ACTS. I found it difficult to incorporate the straight lines and window-like shapes and the stones all in one piece in such a small format. Some are more successful than others. It was a relaxed, productive, creative exercise. Sometimes it is so nice to just do the work for the sake of doing it, rather than to complete something of significance. Of course, ideally, these two processes are not mutually excusive. Joanne wrote about this concept yesterday. When she goes out for a walk, she expects nothing more than just the experience. Can creating be the same? Sometimes, I think.


Joanne S said...

Your space looks so much like mine. Ugh!

As a watercolor painter there was nothing I loved more than a fresh, clean, white piece of paper in front of me. I can remember running my hands over the surface thinking about the things I "could" paint.

I want that feeling on my work table. Clean, smooth surfaces to get me thinking of what I can create. I don't want to spend ANY more energy moving things, pushing things off to one side etc.

Good luck to both of us!!!!

Pam said...

Ditto on messy room stress - I wonder how it gets that way sometimes. Your little pieces look great! PP

momma helen said...

What great little pieces. I really like all of them. Glad you went back to your scraps.
It would be fun to regularly list both larger pieces and related "from the scrap pile" pieces on etsy or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Re: fitting objects on little pieces-
Have you considered having something on a little piece that is not complete so that you think there is more of it that you don't see that goes beyond the edge of the piece?
A great way to engage the viewer.KS

Mary-Frances said...

I'm off to clean up a mess just like that. It's a constant struggle to keep it up isn't it.
I relate to the stuffed animal repair, but add to my list cutting off little boy pants with split knees! :)