Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Mail

I am totally a "jeans and a t-shirt" kinda gal. I was browsing Etsy, as I am known to do, and I was looking for images of chairs. I like chairs. I found a couple of superfantastic t-shirts with images of chairs. Since my paypal account was padded with sales from my own etsy shop, I had to spend spend spend.

The shirts in the "aMuse" shop really caught my eye. Get it? It's like "amuse" meaning to make laugh, but also "a muse" meaning one who inspires. Genius. And then I read this incredibly witty profile for the shop and the sisters who design and do the screen printing. So, of course I had to order.

Look at the delightful packaging. So fun!

The green shirt is called "to each their own." It's got five figures reaching for wonderful stuff floating about in the air: a bee, a leaf, a paper clip, a mug and an origami crane. Hello?! Love. Love bugs, love nature, love office supplies, love coffee and love paper art!
The black shirt is simply called "chairs." Why is it that I'm drawn to these chair images? I'm not sure.

There were wonderful handmade goodies tucked in with the order: a screen printed notecard, hand sewn fabric and paper tags and a bookmark! I must say, I got size medium shirts and they are a bit slim, but I'll pour myself into them and avoid putting them in a hot dryer.
Anyway, Yeah for handmade stuff and gals starting their own little businesses!


Karoda said...

sometimes i tickle myself when i think about how low maintenance i've grown...i'm hoping cotton floral shifts become fashionable again :) i haven't gotten any but i remember how my grandmother would wear them around the house with matching slippers. i could do that!

nice score with the tee-shirts! the chair one i love...reminds me of a dusty antique store.

Gerrie said...

I love t-shirts! I am going to need some smaller ones for the summer. These are really nice. The packaging looks to be inspired by one of your quilts!

dee said...

one of these days I will photograph my collection of chairs. I can't say what makes me collect them either but everytime I see one it just says take me home.