Friday, November 09, 2007

Play by Play

I can't believe it's been a week since I was in Houston for Quilt Festival. I'm not sure if this past week has flown by or plodded along. Anyway, I've been very busy and inspired. Nothing to show at the moment, but new stuff soon.

Lots of people have asked about my Houston trip and I've got lots to report, but how about a quick play by play for today and details next week.

I started Friday morning with a cafe mocha and a raspberry danish from Starbucks at the DFW airport.

When I arrived in Houston I just happened to meet Deb Baldwin in the taxi line and we shared a shuttle to the convention center. Hooray for splitting the tab!

After checking my bag, I rushed over to Make It University. It's a whole classroom set up right in the middle of the vast vending side of the convention center. The Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors folks have organized several one hour workshops taught by various artists, writers, teachers and vendors. You can put your name in a fish bowl, show up 15 minutes early and hope hope hope your name is drawn. Then you fork over $5 and get to sit and create for an hour. So fun. I put my name in several fishbowls.

Then I walked through a few aisles of the competition and got just a glimpse at the quilts before rushing off to greet some of my favorite folks.

Then my name was drawn for a Make It U workshop! Lucky me. I'll show you the details tomorrow.

Then more quilt-gawking. Meeting more people.

Then my name was drawn again! Yeah!

Then buffet dinner at the Hilton. The desserts were good. I love dessert.

Then gabbing late late late into the night analysing the state of fiber art and planning our futures.

Saturday I had a more focused plan to see the quilts. And shop for things I really needed. (Ahem.)

I also had my name drawn two more times! I feel a bit like I'm stalking those Quilting Arts people. But, they are so fun.

Sunday started with a delicious breakfast spread with Lu. Then a brisk walk to the convention center.

I had seen almost all of the quilts and the vendors, so I was able to slowly soak up the really spectacular items on Sunday. I went back to several quilts. Read many many many excellent artists statements in the Journal Quilt exhibit and scrunched up my nose about some of the judges choices.

Even though the flight from Houston back to Dallas is very short, I fell asleep almost instantly. The weekend was wonderful and exhausting.

I am ashamed to publish this post with no pictures. I'll try to make up for that next week.


Lauri said...

Rest up this weekend and get ready to post pictures...I can't wait to see them!

Karoda said...

arrrggghhh, okay...I can wait.

Anonymous said...

OOOOH, you are such a tease. I scrunched up my nose at some of the judges choices, too. I want photos!!

jane dávila said...

It was great fun to meet you in Houston! I had a great time and spent a lot of money on stuff I _needed_ too.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

I can't wait to hear more! Had to come out of lurkdom to say it...
thank you!

Sonji Hunt said...

Yesyes. Make it good!