Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mini Workshop

In addition to a few "Make It University" workshops, I also was lucky enough to get one of 25 tickets to a Make It and Take It workshop with Sue Bleiweiss. We made this super cool and fantastically funky "padfolio." Sue publishes an online mixed media zine called Fibre and Stitch. You know how much I like zines, right? (A lot!) Issue 2 just came out and though I haven't ordered it yet, I've very very tempted. It looks like Sue is doing lots of amazing stuff and really getting creative with both her projects and her publications.

In fact, you can download excellent instructions for the padfolio right here. How cool -- and generous --- is that?! Here is the inside and some super cool fabric charms that Sue included in our workshop kit. (I believe there are free instructions for the fabric charms on the Fibre and Stitch website also.)

I really like this little notebook holder. The cover is a collage of various fibers between layers of MistyFuse. You know I am mostly a Wonder Under girl, but this is an excellent application of Misty Fuse. We laid of piece of MF on top of the base, then added a bunch of fibers, covered with parchment and fused. Then added another layer of MF and another layer of fibers and fused. We repeated several times until we had a pleasing composition of fibers and added a last layer of tulle on top. I think I did at least four layers. You really couldn't do that with WU, it would be too think and stiff.

What great little gifts they would make. And Christmas is only five and a half weeks away. (Yikes!)

And guess what else...

Sue works closely with Terri Stegmiller who is in the Twelve by 12 art quilt group that I am also in! I was thrilled to meet Terri! She was super fun and so enthusiastic. You can see her Twelve by 12 quilt from our dandelion challenge on the new Twelve by 12 website.


Terri Stegmiller said...

Sounds like you had a blast in Houston Deborah. So glad you were able to take Sue's class. Your mini padfolio turned out great.

Anonymous said...

It was an absolute pleasure to have in the class and your folio came out great!

Anonymous said...

Deb, Issue 2 is NOT out yet. It will be published 11/28. Sign up now!! It's great and YOU should be writing for it!!


Anonymous said...


How great that you were able to make it to Houston. I am going to have to get myself there one day....and join in the fun. I really like your notebook holder. Looks like a great project.


Rhonda said...

Great to hear that you had a blast at Houston. I couldn't make it this year.