Wednesday, November 28, 2007

5 Artists: 5 Views

I'm so excited to share this project with you! You remember that The Frayed Edges did a collaborative project for our show at the Camden Library this past summer. We called the exhibit "5 Artists: 5 Views." You can read more about it here. We were all so thrilled with the results, that I decided to put together a "book" documenting the exhibit.

Since we're a pretty unique group, I decided on a unique format!
The collection includes pictures of each of the art quilts. There are 25 small quilts in the exhibit. They were inspired by five different photographs and each of the artists made a small quilt inspired by each of the photographs. I also included copies of the original photographs and a shot of the installation (you can see that picture on the top of the photo stack).

The book that accompanies the photos includes interviews with each of the artists. We discuss our inspirations, techniques, challenges and triumphs. There are tons of details about each artist's process. It's like peeking in on them working away in their studios. I loved chatting with my Frayed Edges friends and learning more about them through creating this book.

And those big 5s on the cover of the book are embossed in silver. So fancy. I really think it's a good match to all the beautiful work inside.

Look at all these photos! So inspiring.
I think it's super fun, because it's totally interactive. You can pull out all the quilts inspired by the beach umbrella picture, or you can pull out all the quilts by one particular artist and study the similarities and differences.

I packaged it up in a beautiful vellum envelope. You get just a glimpse of what's inside.It's a nice little package for storing the collection. (With a snappy little ribbon accent.)
Here is my quilt inspired by the beach umbrella picture.I'm definitely planning to use some of that Extravorganza again.

And here is Sarah's interpretation of the pool photo.
As usual, her free motion quilting is a perfect compliment to the design.

And that's just two of the quilts! Every time I flip through the stack of photos, I see something new. I'm so lucky to have such talented friends.

I had such great success with my "Small Art Quilts: Designing a Series" book, that I decided to add this to my publishing empire. (Ha.) It's up for sale in my new Etsy shop. It would make a fantastic Christmas gift for all your arty friends.

Speaking Christmas gifts... I haven't even begun shopping!


Mrs. Mel said...

Wow Deb! That was fast. All sold out already. What a great idea you had there. Wonder what I can do that would be that much fun and sooo popular.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Oh, no! SOLD OUT already. Will you be having more inventory or a second edition???

Dale Anne said...

I'm so glad I ordered when you first posted on Wed.
And, I'm so excited about it........
My daughter, Carrie and I are having an exhibition July & August 2008 here at the Morse Museum & Cultural Centre, then it moves to the Upstairs Gallery at the Sk. Craft Council in Saskatoon and who knows where from there...........I forwarded Deborah's blog link to my daughter in Toronto so we can talk about it when we got for a visit in 2 weeks.
LOVELY Job to all of you!

Karoda said...

Love how your mind works! Great idea!

Jules said...

Mine arrived and I love it. Thanks!

Dale Anne said...

Received the package and its even BETTER in person!!!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you will reprint this? I'd love a copy!
~jane swanson