Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

My goodness. Two posts in one day! Unheard of.

I wanted to get these pictures up especially for the grmas and the grpas and all the other friends and family whose doors we will not be able to knock upon this evening!

Avatar Aang and his Water Bending Friend, Katara!

We had such a fun time making these costumes and everyone is thrilled with the results! Avatar is an excellent show on Nick. It's not too popular. (Compared to the likes of SpongeBob, ahem.) I won't be surprised if Claire and Benjamin have to tell everyone who they are. But if you have watched the show, you can see that our costumes are spot-on!

Claire's Katara!

The real Katara!
Benjamin's Aang!
The Real Aang!

It's all about cheap sweatsuits from Walmart, some dye and a few remnants of fabric. In fact, we made Katara's skirt from a sweatshirt. I turned it upside down, cut off the neck and sleeves to make the pointy hem and slide a piece of elastic into the ready-made casing of what would have been the bottom of the sweatshirt. Slick!

We tried to convince Benjamin to actually shave his head, but he refused. (Kidding.) We think this bald cap is about the funniest thing ever! And it really makes the costume.

I just ate another 100 Grand bar out of the candy we are supposed to be giving out tonight. Oops. I hope we don't run out.


kristin L said...

Totally awesome costumes. I love the bald cap!! We wimped out this year and bought Star Wars ones online so we could match our friends. Then Katja wimped out on even that and wore her aunties' witch costume from the 70s and a paper hat Zavi made at a B-Day party last year. (Hey they were happy).

And consider that 100 Grand bar research for the next 12x12 challenge!!

Robin Ferrier said...

Love the outfits! I was getting a little insecure about my own efforts until I read that these are modified sweats! I would have been put to shame if you said you made these totally from scratch. Love the poses and I noticed the detail of Kitara's hair! Great job. The costumes will last the evening, but the memories forever!

Jules said...

We are Avatar fans at this house, too. Great costumes. Hope they had a great time.

Gerrie said...

Very cool costumes. Yes, you can do wonders with cheap sweats!!

kathy said...

great costumes, but then, I knew they would be...given the creative force behind the scenes!

dee said...

you're the best Mom ever! tose kids are so sweet and they get better looking every day.
I loved your Dandelion piece and it is "YOU" I mean tat in the best way possible. You've developed a style that sets you apart and the things you make always give one the oportunity to linger and find something delightful to focus on. I love that. Nice work Deborah.

dee said...

I tink I lost my H

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Joshua saw the pics and said Is that kid supposed to be Ang? He's freakin' AWESOME! Tell them they should have someone dressed as Zuko (sp>?)..... told him that was Benjamin and Claire. Joshua adds: PRINCE Zuko.....

I for once exercised restraint. I bought candies I would not eat! And Eli only got one butterfinger (which he doesn't like, so I helped relieve him of the burden of it.....)

Alma Stoller said...


These costumes came out great!
You know, I absolutely love Avatar...I think more than my kids do.
Great job!