Friday, October 26, 2007


We had a fantastic time last weekend when my parents came to visit. One -- of the many -- things we enjoyed about Dallas was a trip to the top of Reunion Tower. Wow. What a beautiful day and an amazing view.

Here is another skyline picture -- from Google images.

Reunion Tower is the one with the giant ball on top. You can see the sections of the dome in the family picture. And the blueish triangular building in both the skyline picture and the family picture. (I tried to figure out what building it is, but I couldn't quite track it down. A true Dallasite could tell you. But, obviously, I'm not a true Dallasite.)

It was very windy!

We could see all the way to the water tower in our little suburb way far away. We could see Fort Worth on the skyline. We identified the "grassy knoll" and the book depository. The Cotton Bowl, City Hall, the new multi-million dollar arts center and the Trinity River Corridor. It really did give me a "big picture" concept of the city.

Sometimes I talk with people who have lived in Dallas for years and years and I am stunned to hear that they have never been to the top of Renion Tower. Or experienced other local treasures. As they say... "right in your own backyard." What have you overlooked in your back yard?

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momma helen said...

Near us, there used to be a tiger sanctuary and an ape sanctuary. Both are gone now, and we never made it to either.
Columbus has a wonderful Short North art district, but it's not terribly kid friendly. Next decade!
And both Cleveland and Columbus have had those touring "Body" events where they show placticined muscles/bodies. I've really wanted to check them out, but haven't made it.

Also, this morning I took a tour through your linked blogs. It was a wonderful way to wake up on my day off. What fantastic, creative new ideas I have!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog today. Great stuff, love those interactive journals in the previous post!

Lauri said...

Eeeek! Just looking at that makes me want to hyperventilate! lol! And there is no way I'm going into the Tower of the America's here in San Antonio-and don't recommend it, either, because the elevators keep breaking down, with people in them, stuck for hours in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a look outside of just how high up they actually are! Ay yi yi!