Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Whole Post About Movies

Claire and I went to see Hairspray this weekend. It was really fun. I totally enjoyed it. We're on a bit of a dance and music kick. The kids are totally into So You Think You Can Dance (and so am I). I thought Queen Latifah was great. John Travolta was a riot and Alison Janney stole more than a scene or two. (I'm still missing CJ Craig and could we please get someone like Matt Santos in the real race?!) I found the previews equally entertaining. We noticed posters for The Golden Compass right as we came in the theater and then the preview. It looks like an awesome fantasy epic. I mean really, an armored polar bear? How can you go wrong?

Can hardly wait for Mr. Magorium's Magical Emporium. I am hoping it meets all the expectations that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory did not.Speaking of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... Freddie Highmore, who played Charlie, is staring in the upcoming Spiderwick Chronicles. The preview for that was also enticing. (He is also in Arthur and the Invisibles, which is quite delightful. He's got a lock on the fantasy adventure roles apparently.)

Stardust looks enticing too.

It seems fantasy epics are alive and well.

And one more thing: quilts and computer games? Whodathunk?


Jules said...

I was in high school when the original Hairspray was filmed. Many of the extras in the movie were from my high school.

I so agree with missing CJ and wishing Matt Santos could run for President.

Anonymous said...

I saw Hairspray today with four of my quilting buddies. We absolutely loved that movie! I totally got past the John Travolta woman thing and got to believin' that he was Edna Turnblatt. I loved Christopher Walken, what a switcheroo in characters for him. I loved Queen Latifa, too! But that new girl (can't think of her name) did an outstanding job! She was a real pro. I want to see the movie again and buy the sountrack, too!

momma helen said...

Have you read the Golden Compass series? We have, and it really deeply disturbs me. I've got friends who love the series, but it left me feeling hopeless.

It's a world where adults are evil, parents can't be trusted, and children don't have the luxury of just being kids.

We read the books several years ago, and I still feel a heaviness in the center of myself when I think about them.

All these feelings have been stirred up since we're about 1/3 of the way through Harry Potter 7. Will love conquer all?! Surely there is hope in the world!

TB said...

I reluctantly saw Hairspray with my man, but loved it sooo much that I want to see it again. It's a MUST SEE! Fun movie, and I love John Travolta's Baltimore accent--he gets it rather right.