Monday, July 09, 2007

Vacation #3

Lots of pictures. Not too many words.

A delightful flight -- just the three of us -- with lots of snacks. We met Jeff in California.
Visiting Aunt Joanna and Uncle Matt. Benjamin learned how to make music with the master and got lots of souvenir picks.Joanna loved sorting through Aunt Joanna's artwork.Benjamin loved wearing every single piece of Aunt Joanna's jewelry. (That's beloved Emma who you may have read about here.)Long Beach Aquarium -- very impressive and totally fun!Ah, lorakeets.My new favorite color inspiration -- brown, sage, blue, and pink.Breakfast in the hotel room while watching cartoons!As soon as we stepped off the boardwalk in Santa Monica and into the sand, Claire began playing. Claire made it all the way across this super-sized track of rings. Amazing.Can you see Benjamin pointing to the pier... he could hardly wait!And here he's got lots to say about how great it was. (Except for the Dragon ride, that was a big thumbs down.)In to the surf. So fun.Digging for little creatures.Joanna and I took a side trip to the LA fabric district. Wow. Tons. Of. Fabric. (Yes, I bought some.)Then an evening in Coronado (where we used to live.) Here we are with the Hotel Del behind us.Here we are with the sunset behind us.LegoLand. Big hit. (The kids are in their suits because they had just spent an hour playing in the mini-water park.)Monster-size sea gull spotted in Sydney Harbor.This is the Kid Power Tower at Legoland. You pull yourself up with that rope and then drop down. Super fun.Again with the lorakeets. These are at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
Two week old baby giraffe and mother as seen from the wonderful "safari" ride.

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of our three meals here.


Anonymous said...

You've made me homesick now! I'm so jealous. Santa Monica used to be my beach, but when I left 13 years ago there was only bumper cars and a carousel on the pier. I love seeing the Griffith Observatory in Lego too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is one place Mr C misses in California! We have had to substitute Burgerville.

You did not make me homesick because you didn't go to the best part of CA - up north!!

Unknown said...

did you get to micheal levines? My dd Nina and I miss access to the garment/fabric district so much. We got so spoiled living in LA. Chicago has nothing that comes close.

Anonymous said...'s official. You have been on more trips in the past six months than I have been on in the past six years, and I'm NOT exaggerating!

Looks like you had a wonderful time.

And I won't say a *thing* about the variations of what came to mind with the name In-N-Out Burger.....

Cheers, Sarah