Friday, May 25, 2007

On My Way

I'm gathering all my stuff for my trip to Maine. Phone, phone charger, GPS, GPS charger, camera, camera charger, mp3 player, mp3 charger... oh and clothes. And some art to share too.

I am really looking forward to my trip. The Frayed Edges are wonderful friends and such supportive artists. I need a shot of encouragement of a few projects. I just got my first gig doing the program for a local quilt guild. Luckily, it's not until next May. Whew. I love the idea of sharing my creative ideas with people, but organizing a lecture seems like a big task. I think I'm ready to move forward. (I'm confident I'll be able to pull it together before next May and maybe get a couple of other opportunities to share my work between now and then.)

I've also submitted work to some local shows. I took new pictures of these two works. Have you seen them before? They are nearly two years old... before blogging maybe. But, they are some of my favorites.

Shore Lines, 32ish by 19ish

Shore Lines detail Mossy Shadows, 35ish x 20ish
Mossy Shadows detail
One of the lectures ideas I've been exploring is "Unusual Embellishments." Like rocks! Maybe I'll gather some more rocks while I'm in Maine.


Anonymous said...

No, I don't think we've seen those bofore. They are quite lovely. I really like the abstractness of shorelines with it's occasional hints at reality. Not that you need it, but I hope that your trip is a "Deborah Charger!"

Vicki W said...

These are lovely pieces!

dee said...

Both beautiful but the blue is stunning. You should do much more of this. I could see one with grasses and seeds and brown beads for soil....OH my!

Rhonda said...

Those piecies are great. They give me ideas for a quilt that I've had in my head for years! Thanks.