Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not so little...

Happy Birthday to sweet baby Claire!

This picture is from December 2000 --- --- and this is from last week when she was building crayon towers.
Today we're taking four other 8-year-old girls (plus me and Jeff and Benjamin ) to KidMuze then pizza, cake, ice cream, presents, noisemakers and other girly mayhem! The best kind of fun.


Anonymous said...

She may not be so little anymore, but she hasn't changed a bit. Those cheeks-- sooo cute! Happy Birthday!

Diane Perin said...

Happy birthday to Claire! And I love how in both pictures she's sorta hunched forward with the exact same expression on her face! (I'll bet someday you get a wedding picture like that, too!!)

Have a fun "girly mayhem" day (I love that expression!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to Claire! Here's hoping 8 is GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

A happy, belated birthday to the lovely Claire. Yep, growing fast but you sure can tell that's her in the picture from 2000.

Hope the party was lots of fun. So much better to have the party "out" so someone else can do the clean up!!

teri...home from Canada