Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Green.

I knew there was something else I wanted to say about "green." Check out my Mother's Day gift.
It's a GREEN mp3 player. Lime green to be exact, the kind I'm sure Gerrie will love. With speakers! I adore it. I never thought I would, but I do. I'm obsessed with podcasts. I download tons and tons from NPR all organized by subject matter so I can hear about art, movies, books, pop culture and food and avoid all foreign policy. Plus, I listen religiously to Jay and Jack's LOST podcast. And I'm a gigantic fan of the new NPR show "Fair Game." It's like The Daily Show on radio and hosted by a smart funny woman. Need I say more? So, now I can listen to podcasts in my studio. Before I'd get lost if there was nothing good on the radio and now I have complete control.

Apparently, it also plays video. I wonder if I can download episodes of Brothers and Sisters. I think I'd like that show. I watched about 30 minutes of the finale last week. If someone had told me it was full of actors from all my old favorite shows I would have tuned in for sure: Ally McBeal, Alias, West Wing, Everwood?! Plus, throw in a gay member of the clergy, I'm hooked.


Anonymous said...

I love Brothers and Sisters. It is kinda goofy, but I love all the actors and their roles - especially Rob Lowe!

I want that MP3 player - how cool is that! Debra Roby has a lime green super duper phone thing tha does every thing - I covet that also!

Jules said...

I love Brothers and Sisters. Rob Lowe, gay clergy and all.

I'll have to listen to Fair Game. It sounds like my kind of show.

Nikki said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning Fair Game - I checked it out this morning and loved it. Sort of a combination of Fresh Air and the Daily Show.

I think my very favorite podcast is CraftSanity. Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood is a journalist who loves to craft and she does long, in-depth interviews with all kinds of artists and crafters. Great stuff!