Thursday, May 10, 2007

Birthday Pictures

I'm sure the grammas and the grandpas have been waiting for birthday pictures...

We took four other girls to a great place called KidMuze. The climbing wall was a big hit. (I climbed all the way to the top too!)

Then we came home and and the kids played in the back yard while Jeff picked up poop. (Can you even believe I posted this picture? I just think it's funny.)Hooray for bubbles!
And then cake! Designed by Claire. She loves animals and thought some plastic animal figures would be perfect cake toppers. And the big 8 candle, of course. And six regular candles. Why six? No idea. Yes, those are finger prints in the frosting. The girls couldn't resist and, really, why should they?

What is your wish, big girl?

I have mastered the Betty Crocker Bake 'N Fill pan with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream filling.
It was a fun day. I tried to suggest games, projects, crafts, themes, etc. Claire was not interested in the least. She just wanted regular stuff that she enjoys and PLAYING. Indeed. Simple pleasures.


Lisa said...

I want to know what's in those adorable goodie boxes! And I may have to get a Betty Crocker bake and fill pan - what a yummy looking cake! Sounds like a fun time was had by the birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful - of course I got weepy - thanks for sharing our precious grands with everyone!
Love, Mom

Sarah Ann Smith said...

How wonderful, and how clever to use the "take out" boxes as goodie bags! Girls are indeed different, but that might work for boys..... Eli, too, prefers an "unstructured" party. So now for us it is usually pizza, presents, cake, play. Play depends on weather, which can be snow, rain, mud, sun..... mid-March in Maine is unpredictable!

Say hi to the birthday girl for me,
Cheers, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers' Day Deborah, I hope you are being terribly spoilt. Enjoy your day.

swooze said...

Oh these truly are the best parties!! The get out and run and play ones!

Love the pic of dh! Tell him I have the same tools!