Monday, February 05, 2007

Mixed Media Collages

I guess I'm ready to embrace the whole "mixed media" vibe -- at least sometimes. Here are two finished fiber collages. I posted the very beginnings of this project several days ago. There were birthday gifts for two of my most superfantastic friends.

Below is "Steady Your World." It's 8ish by 10ish and mounted on an 11x14 piece of mat board.

It's got all my favorite things: an old key, hand embroidery, square sequins, a dangly item, magazine clippings, free motion quilting, frayed edges and a muddy color scheme.

I mounted these pieces on felt. I don't think I'll do that again. Of course, I used craft felt which is not the highest quality product. Wool felt would certainly be a better choice. The felt I used shed everywhere and stretched unpredictably. That's ok. I like wonky.

Below is "Boing" after the word on the smashed bottle cap that I found at a construction site. I guess Boing is a popular drink with the Hispanic contractors. I'll have to stop buy a Mexican grocery and try some!

Also 8ish by 10ish and mounted on an 11x14 piece of mat board. It's really wonky... so I can't say the perspective is completely off in this photo, but I think the color is a bit dull.

I'm debating about adding some mixed media elements to long skinny. The quilting is done and I've even got it squared up. I must add stems to the flowers and then I will have to decide if it's done or not. Or, more accurately, can it be salvaged by adding a bit more or should I just call it done and put on a binding?


Anonymous said...

These are excellent!

Jan's Art and Musings said...

Deborah, love these pieces. They are so playful. I love the simplicity yet elegence of your work.

Shelina said...

Deborah, the pieces you have made in this post and in the last one are just so beautiful. I think I might have to put aside my WIP for the day to get some of these done.