Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Amanda wrote a sweet little post today in which she wished everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with "extra love, maybe some crafting, fun mail, and sweets!" I think I'll be able to check all those items off my list!

My parents are visiting so my home is filled with the additional wonderful energy of grandparents' love.

I'm rushing down to my studio as soon as I finish this post for some crafting (before I rush to Claire's school for her Valentine's Day party -- where there will be more crafting)!

I already got some fun mail. My Quilting Arts FINALLY arrived. (Long story... but the QA folks totally took care of it.) And I got a sweet little Valentine's postcard from Benjamin. His teacher actually had his class make cards and put them in the mail. What a delightful surprise. Guess what color hearts were glued on it?

And sweets? Well, mom brought a recipe for molten lava cake, so I think we'll be whipping that up this afternoon. (Don't worry I bought ice cream at the grocery store this morning.)
I got fun mail yesterday too. I ordered some snappy new shoes. They arrived and they fit just fine.

The brown loafers I have been wearing for years are cracked all the way through the soles, which is fine, unless it's been raining. So these will be an excellent addition to my closet. I am liking internet shopping more and more. Or maybe I should say I'm liking mall shopping less and less.

And Jeff sent amazing red roses that arrived yesterday along with a box of chocolates! I wanted to hug the UPS man! I'll hug my husband instead!


Anonymous said...

um, new SHOES, flowers, and some crafting too? I'd say that's a FABULOUS Valentine's day!

I met a friend of yours this weekend - Kate (or Katie! gosh, now I can't remember which was which. eek!) from Bowdoinham. She was so very sweet. She misses you! ;) It's a wild Maine storm day up here today. I bet you're warm in Texas!

Anonymous said...

Well, of course, the hearts were green.

Grandparent's love - ahh!