Monday, February 19, 2007

Body Worlds

We're keeping busy here -- as usual. We visited the BodyWorlds exhibit last weekend.

It was very interesting. We all agreed that the human body is absolutely miraculous! It's so complex.

BodyWorlds gets a lot of press and I suppose some would say it's controversial. Others have said it's not appropriate for young children. Hooey! I did not find one thing shocking, unexpected or controversial. Maybe since I have read the press releases and looked at the website, I knew what to expect. It was certainly unlike anything I have ever seen before and I would recommend it to anyone.

My kids are 4 and 7 (almost 5 and 8). They thought it was a little bit interesting and a little bit boring. Not gross or freaky. They were most struck by the black lungs of those who had smoked. Good! Whatever it takes to keep them away from cigarettes.

I did find myself thinking a bit about who these people were and how they died and how their families feel about their bodies traveling all over the world on display. Especially the woman who was eight months pregnant -- and her child nestled in her womb. But, we are not only about our bodies. We are so much more. Isn't it funny, that after viewing an exhibit about all the organs and systems of the body --- I'm wondering about the stuff you can't see.


Lisa said...

I did not know such a thing existed! I checked out the website - very interesting stuff! WHO KNEW!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Do you ever read sci fi? See if the library has The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell and its sequel, The Children of God. You probably remember me babbling on about it. I'm reading them again, and they are as fascinating again as the first time. What is it that makes us human, what is the soul, and the hand of God (or whatever spirit there is), and how we and any other possible sentient species are Children of God... it is WONDERFUL..... Hugs, Sarah